IOmark Results - Brocade Nimbus 4,032 VDI Users

IOmark-VDI, a Storage Workload Specific Benchmark for VDI, Announces Results for Brocade's 16Gb Fibre Channel Infrastructure and Nimbus Data's Gemini Storage System

Nimbus demonstrates price performance of 4,032 VDI’s at an average cost of $39.68 per VDI running in a Brocade fibre channel environment.


IOmark Version 3.3

IOmark has released a new version of the IOmark tool suite.  The IOmark application workload tool enables testing storage workloads utilizing deduplication and compression.  The IOmark suite supports multiple application workloads, including virtual desktops (VDI), and a new server virtualization workload (VM).  

New features available with version 3.3 include:

VDI-IOmark version 2.0.2 Released

VDI-IOmark Releases New Version of VDI Benchmark


  • Enhanced management of clients
  • Bug fixes and other minor enhancements
  • Open Virtualization Format format (OVF), enables rapid deployment

Boulder, CO. , February 19, 2013 -

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