Press Release

IBM FlashSystem V9000 Achieves Highest IOmark Results in IOmark VM and VDI Storage Benchmarks

IBM FlashSystem V9000 achieves highest IOmark results with 1,600 VMs and 4,096 virtual desktops.   

Boulder CO, January 16, 2015. IOmark and Evaluator Group announce new benchmark results for IBM FlashSystem V9000 for both IOmark-VM and IOmark-VDI, achieving 1,600 IOmark-VM’s and 4,096 IOmark-VDI instances.

IOmark Announces New Hyper Converged Benchmarks

Press Release: Evaluator Group Announces IOmark Suite for VM, a Storage Workload Application-Specific Benchmark for Virtual Machine Infrastructure

IOmark-VM measures audited, repeatable price / performance for VMware ESX environments.

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