Licensing for IOmark

IOmark tools and benchmarks may be used by IT architects and administrators, along with IT Vendors. There are several application workloads available, with licensing terms dependent upon the type of business and intended use.

IT – End User licenses:

  • Valid for organizations who do not manufacture, sell or distribute IT products or services
  • Internal use only, no public disclosure of results permitted, additional license may be obtained for publishing results externally.
  • 30 day licenses are available to qualified users at no cost ($0)
  • IT Vendors are not permitted to purchase End User licenses
  • Internal use – 1 year license with phone support: $2,500
  • On-site support  and consulting services available
  • Unlimited, no-cost use for Evaluator Group End User Gold and Platinum Research Subscribers
  • Use for Product development requires vendor license

Vendor licenses:

  • Available for organization who do manufacture, sell or distribute IT products or services
  • Internal use – 1 year license of IOmark for VMware View with phone support
  • Unlimited use for product development or benchmark publishing
  • Audit for External Publication – required to release benchmark results to any third party
  • Sales use license – 1 year license for use by sales team with end users

Please call or email for detailed vendor pricing.

In addition to the licenses, consulting assistance is available in order to perform benchmarking services.  

You may find out more information on consulting services.

To obtain a benchmark license or for more information, please contact us.