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Our organization was created as a group of industry organizations, technology vendors and IT users, for the purpose of developing and reporting storage performance in a vendor neutral setting. Sign-up as an associate member to participate in forum discussions, download benchmarks and more.

New Leading IOmark-VM-HC results for Intel Servers and NVMe storage with VMware VSAN

Evaluator Group and IOmark Announce new Industry Leading Hyper-Converged Price-Performance Benchmark Results using Intel Servers, NVMe Storage and Software Defined Storage

Intel Servers and NVMe Storage together with VMware VSAN achieves highest Hyper-Converged IOmark-VM results with 480 VMs at a cost of $545.27 / IOmark-VM-HC.

IBM FlashSystem V9000 Achieves Highest IOmark Results in IOmark VM and VDI Storage Benchmarks

IBM FlashSystem V9000 achieves highest IOmark results with 1,600 VMs and 4,096 virtual desktops.   

Boulder CO, January 16, 2015. IOmark and Evaluator Group announce new benchmark results for IBM FlashSystem V9000 for both IOmark-VM and IOmark-VDI, achieving 1,600 IOmark-VM’s and 4,096 IOmark-VDI instances.

HPE CS-250 IOmark Results

Evaluator Group and IOmark Release Virtual Machine Data Storage Benchmark Results for HPE Hyper Converged System

HPE HyperConverged 250 achieves top ranking hyper-converged VM performance at 208 VMs and a full system cost of $1,223.18 per VM.

Coho Data 2000f Achieves new IOmark-VM results

IOMARK Releases Virtual Machine Data Storage Benchmark Results for COHO DATASTREAM ALL-FLASH 2000f

IOmark and Evaluator Group Release Benchmark results for HP StoreVirtual 4335 Hybrid Storage

IOmark and Evaluator Group Release Benchmark results for HP StoreVirtual 4335 Hybrid Storage 

2-node StoreVirtual achieves 152 VMs with IOmark

HP MSA 2040 IOmark-VM Results

IOMARK Releases Virtual Machine Storage Benchmark Results for HP MSA 2040

HP MSA 2040 (Gen4) achieves top ranking for Fibre Channel Entry Level Storage at 104 VMs at a cost of $393.52 per VM.

IOmark Results - Brocade Nimbus 4,032 VDI Users

IOmark-VDI, a Storage Workload Specific Benchmark for VDI, Announces Results for Brocade's 16Gb Fibre Channel Infrastructure and Nimbus Data's Gemini Storage System

Nimbus demonstrates price performance of 4,032 VDI’s at an average cost of $39.68 per VDI running in a Brocade fibre channel environment.


Press Release: Evaluator Group Announces IOmark-VM a Storage Benchmark for Virtual Application Workloads Publicly Available Results for Dot Hill

AssuredSAN Pro 5000 demonstrates 240 Virtualized Applications running the standard IOmark-VM workload set with a price of $509.42 per virtual application.

Press Release: Evaluator Group Announces IOmark Suite for VM, a Storage Workload Application-Specific Benchmark for Virtual Machine Infrastructure

IOmark-VM measures audited, repeatable price / performance for VMware ESX environments.