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IOmark provides IT users and manufacturers a variety of workload analysis and benchmarking services.  The services deliver clarity for customers engaged in workload virtualization projects, offering pre-deployment assessment as well as post-deployment performance analysis and tuning services for storage in supporting of a variety of application workloads.

The IOmark-VM workload creates a standard workload for performing VM performance benchmarks, while the IOmark-VDI workload creates standard workloads to perform VDI performance benchmarks.

The IOmark suite may be used with the IOmark-VM workload in order to generate standard virtual machine (VM) workloads for use in testing storage with server virtualization workloads.

The IOmark suite may be used to generate VDI or virtual desktop workloads.  This was formerly known as VDI-IOmark and may be used for testing storage with desktop virtualization workloads.

IOmark Suite

The IOmark tool suite is a suite of storage workload generation tools and benchmarks designed to recreate accurate application workloads.

Four different application sets (workloads) are available:

Assessment Services

IT Users – Assistance with pilot or proof of concept

IT Vendors – Execution of Benchmarks, including setup, run and analysis on-site or at available lab sites in Colorado

Storage Performance Services

Analysis of application workloads on storage systems.

Recommend architecture and configuration for improved storage performance.

Consulting services are provided through Evaluator Group and other member organizations. Additionally, a variety of consulting services are available on a project basis.

Benchmark Review and Validation Services

In order to publish or release performance information to any third party, review and validation is required. This maybe in addition to the running the actual benchmark.

Performance validation may be conducted via the phone through review of benchmark data.

Benchmarks may be performed at your selected lab location. Additionally, IOmark benchmarking and validation may be performed at our facilities. Benchmark services are provided by running an application workload profile while measuring the performance for a specific storage system.

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