About IOmark

IOmark Organization

IOmark.org was created as a coalition of industry organizations, vendors and IT users. The purpose of the organization is to create and maintain benchmarks that allow IT users to accurately and fairly
characterize storage systems running VDI workloads.

IOmark is based upon input from experts in the vendor and server virtualization performance labs, and other storage benchmark efforts along with guidance from vendors and end users. The organization welcomes new participants and comments from the industry.

The organization was created to meet three very real needs:

  1. IT users have no cost effective way to compare storage systems running application workloads — the only tools available requires a full scale-out Proof of Concept.
  2. The industry lacks standard application workloads, resulting in conflicting claims of storage technology performance.
  3. Establishing standard application workloads that may be utilized for proof of concept without extensive time or IT resources.

IOmark Tools

IOmark tools may be used to assess storage performance in real-world environments using actual application workloads for performance testing and benchmarking. The applications supported by IOmark include complex VDI application environments, along with typical virtual server application workloads and an object storage backup workload. These three workload sets are known as IOmark-VDI, IOmark-VM and IOmark-OBJ respectively.

Using IOmark, it is possible to recreate the storage workload of over 10 servers on a single server while eliminating application environment setup. This in turn enables IT users, Vendors and resellers to rapidly test application workloads against storage configurations, users are able to perform evaluation tasks with significantly fewer resources.

In order to ensure full confidence in results, all published results are fully audited prior to publication. This enables IT organizations a way to accurately compare multiple storage system configurations while running application workloads.

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