AssuredSAN Pro 5000 demonstrates 240 Virtualized Applications running the standard IOmark-VM workload set with a price of $509.42 per virtual application.

Evaluator Group and IOmark announce Dot Hill Systems Corp results of the IOmark-VM storage benchmark supporting 240 simultaneous virtual applications, with an average cost of $509.42 per application instance. The IOmark-VM tests real world workloads, measuring a standard set of applications running in a virtual environment. The results are audited to ensure uniform testing and reporting of results, enabling IT users the ability to compare products using metrics that matter, price, capacity and application performance.

The Dot Hill system was ran using the IOmark-VM workload to measure performance and cost effectiveness of storage systems. Per the benchmark
specifications, the Dot Hill AssuredSAN Pro 5000 supported 240 applications, with a mean response time of 8.92 milli-seconds.

“We have tested systems in our labs with IOmark –VM, and this is an excellent price – performance result, achieved due to the automated tiering capabilities of the Dot Hill storage system,” said Russ Fellows, Senior Partner of Evaluator Group and architect of the IOmark. “The AssuredSAN Pro 5000 performed well while running the standard IOmark-VM application workload. The Dot Hill system automated tiering used a mixture of solid state and hard disks, which contributed to the excellent price/ performance results.”

“By announcing these results we are demonstrating the scale and price / performance of the Dot Hill Systems AssuredSAN platform,” said Mike
Jensen, Principal Storage Architect of Dot Hill. “In many cases, deployments of virtual applications have been hampered by the fear of how virtualization can impact application performance with traditional storage systems. The real-world results IOmark-VM provides enable IT users to architect virtual infrastructure and cloud deployments with clarity of real-world price and performance levels.”

IOmark-VM is highly efficient workload generator and benchmark tool, designed for end user and vendor test labs. The Dot Hill benchmark was
accomplished utilizing a server infrastructure that was 90% smaller than the equivalent application workload running on leading servers.

The IOmark-VM workload measures storage system performance by recreating multiple instances of a standard set of virtual application, driving actual I/O streams rather than simulations or synthetic workloads. The IOmark-VM benchmark requires the following to achieve passing results:

For the steady-state workload:

  • Total test time is 1 hour, with a measured interval of 30 minutes
  • 70% of response times for I/O’s must not exceed 30ms
  • A minimum number of storage vMotion and VM clone operations must also be completed during a 1 hour test

Other reporting criteria include:

  • Storage system configuration and tested environment must be reported
  • All storage for measured workloads must reside on the storage system tested
  • Total list price for storage system tested must be reported

Evaluator Group is the developer of IOmark which is available to end users or free to Evaluator Group IT end user premium subscribers. Vendors, performance testing labs and channel partners may purchase to use the tool in their lab and for publishing audited results. A license may be obtained free of charge for 30 days for internal evaluation.

For more information on IOmark-VM see the IOmark Workloads. Dot Hill results are available at from the IOmark website or or from Dot Hill.

About IOmark

IOmark is dedicated to helping IT professionals and Vendors effectively measure and compare storage system performance while running real application workloads. IOmark-VM was released in 2013, after the 2011 release of IOmark-VDI. More information is available at

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