IOmark Suite

IOmark Tool Suite

IOmark is a suite of storage workload generation tools and benchmarks designed to recreate accurate application workloads.  The IOmark tools are designed to be used by IT administrators, as well as engineers who design, tune or test systems.   The workloads may be used in conjunction with other tests, or may be used to run specific benchmarks authorized by IOmark.

The following workloads are currently available:

IT Administrators and Application owners use IOmark to:

  • Understand application performance in virtual server environments
  • Evaluate the performance impact of alternative storage configurations
  • Application pre-deployment performance and load testing
  • Application workload storage performance analysis
  • Compare storage systems application performance before purchase
  • Improve understanding and confidence in storage selection

The IOmark tools are able to recreate application workloads efficiently, without using large scale test environment, or requiring the software application is resident in order to run application workloads.   

System test, performance and other IT professionals use IOmark to:

  • Reduce the time and resources necessary for application testing
  • Minimize server and application infrastructure for ongoing testing
  • Reduce “Proof of Concept” and acceptance test time
  • Run certified benchmarks against specific storage configurations

The suite is developed in conjunction with storage and virtualization vendors.  IOmark provides storage performance metrics using the concept of I/O capture and replay. By replaying I/O workloads, the suite is able to generate the identical storage needs as systems running actual workloads, without costly server and application setup.