IOmark Workloads

IOmark is a suite of storage specific workload generation tools and benchmarks designed to recreate accurate application workloads.  IOmark was developed to leverage virtual server environments and relies upon a hypervisor to scale out workloads.  IOmark generates accurate storage workloads, but they do not test the performance of the hypervisor, server, memory or network. The benchmark replicates storage workloads efficiently, without requiring large scale test environment, or the server equipment required using typical Proof of Concept or other approaches. outlined the following goals for the benchmark tool:

  • Reduce the time and resources to produce workloads for "proof of concept”
  • Enable IT users to assess alternative solutions using real-world workloads
  • Decrease time to validate architectural choices, for both IT users and vendors
  • Enable IT vendors to accurately assess system and configuration performance using real workloads

The IOmark tool suite was developed by an industry organization in conjunction with storage and virtualization vendors.  IOmark provides storage performance metrics using real-world workloads. By utilizing I/O replay, the benchmark measures the I/O capabilities of storage systems under actual workloads, without the costly server and application setup.  

Server Virtualization Workloads

The IOmark-VM workload recreates a series of specific applications running in a virtualized server environment.  These applications sets are then scaled out as a group to increase the workload.  The specific applications include the following:

  • Exchange Database server, with a 1,000 user workload running on the Exchange server
  • DVD Store database application, with 3 DVD store web application servers generating a workload
  • Olio Database and Olio Web application servers
  • Hypervisor automation workloads

Virtual Desktop Workloads

The original workload, IOmark-VDI recreates a virtual desktop environment.   The VDI environment recreated include:

  • Application Environment
    • Windows 7, 64 bit OS
    • MS Office 2010 Suite (Including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook)
    • Other applications include InternetExplorer, Adobe Reader, etc.
  • Workload Options
    • Booting (capable of recreating boot storm)
    • Steady state operations
      • "Heavy" workload
      • "Standard" workload
      • "Office" workload
    • Combinations of the above workloads may be combined and run simultaneously


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Additional Information

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