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IOmark Organization

An organization of industry analysts, vendors and IT users dedicated to storage performance with virtual workloads

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IOmark provides Assessment and Storage Performance services including Benchmarking and Validation

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IOmark Workloads

 A storage workload generation and performance benchmark for measuring real application workloads on storage systems

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Recent Results

Press Releases

HPE CS-250 IOmark Results

Evaluator Group and IOmark Release Virtual Machine Data Storage Benchmark Results for HPE Hyper Converged System HPE HyperConverged 250 achieves top ranking hyper-converged VM performance at 208 VMs and a full system cost of $1,223.18 per VM. Boulder, CO (PRWEB) Dec...

IOmark Results – Brocade Nimbus 4,032 VDI Users

IOmark-VDI, a Storage Workload Specific Benchmark for VDI, Announces Results for Brocade's 16Gb Fibre Channel Infrastructure and Nimbus Data's Gemini Storage System Nimbus demonstrates price performance of 4,032 VDI’s at an average cost of $39.68 per VDI running in a...


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